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Sport utility vehicles have the highest rate of fatalities occurring in rollovers. SUV rollovers are almost three times more likely to occur than the average passenger car. According to the NHTSA, of the nearly 11 million passenger car, SUV, pickup and van crashes in 2002, only 3% involved a rollover; however, rollovers accounted for nearly 33% of all fatalities from passenger vehicle crashes. In 2002 alone, more than 10,000 people perished in rollover crashes. In 2002, statistics showed that nearly 11,000 people perished in rollover accidents, with 61% of SUV rollovers accounting for the fatalities.

Over the years, SUV rollover accidents have continued to come under attack. Public Citizen consumer group has been especially aggressive in lobbying for stricter safety standards. Still, there are no federal regulations dealing with SUV rollovers.

However, if you have been hurt as a result of an SUV rollover, contact an attorney, as you might have a case against the manufacturer.

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