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Prepaid legal services are a lot like having legal insurance. Typically, a prepaid legal service plan provides consumers with certain specific legal services at no cost, and reduced rates for other services in exchange for a membership fee, premium, or some other sort of prepayment. Prepaid legal services provide consumers with ready access to legal services at set costs. Because consumers have this ready-access to lawyers, they can often prevent litigation before it starts, because consumers are able to seek an attorney before a legal problem is full-blown. Likewise, a lawyer can check over a contract, credit problem, or zoning arrangement, for example, before you sign or build. There are thousands of prepaid legal service companies offering several types of plans, which offer varying amounts of legal service at variable cost, generally able to meet a specific income need.

Prepaid Legal Plans generally provide free phone consultations, will or document overviews, considerable discounts on legal services, written fee agreements, and grievance procedures. You can purchase prepaid legal services for yourself, your family, your business, or even for a particular relationship, such as prepaid legal services for your employment situation.

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