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Most visitors to this section of Legal Database wonder whether they are entitled to overtime pay. In almost all cases, your employer will be covered by the Fair Labor and Standards Law. As such, if you are a “nonexempt” employee, you are entitled to overtime pay.

Thus, if you are exempt, you will not be entitled to overtime pay – exempt, generally means that you are a salaried employee or that you are an executive, administrative, professional, or outside sales employees. If you make high level decisions or supervise other employees, you likely fall under this category. Exempt employees also include farm workers, recreational workers, news people, employees of motion picture theaters, and certain computer specialist, so long as they are paid at least $27.63 per hour.

As far as nonexempt employees are concerned, you are likely entitled to overtime if you work more than 40 hours a week or, in some states, more than eight hours a day.

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