I-94 Card Definition
Illegal Alien Definition
illegal Definition
illegal entry
Illicit Definition
Illusory Promise Definition  
Immigrant Visa
Immigration And Naturalization
Immunity Definition
Impeach Definition
Impleader Definition
Implicate Definition
Implied Warranty Definition
Implied Warranty of Habitability
Imprison Definition
Impugn Definition
In Camera Definition
In Limine Definition
In Propia Persona Definition
Inadmissible Definition
Incapacity Definition
Incarceration Definition
Incite Definition
Income Definition
Income Tax Definition
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Incompetency Definition
Incorporation Definition
incriminate Definition
Indecent Exposure
indemnification Definition
Indemnify Definition
independent contractor Definition
indispensable party Definition
individual retirement account (IRA) Definition
Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Definition
Information Definition
informed consent Definition
Ingress Definition
Inheritance Taxes Definition
initiative Definition
injunction Definition
injury Definition
INS Definition
insanity Definition
inside information
insolvency Definition
Insurance Definition
intangible property Definition
intellectual property law (IP) Definition
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Inter Vivos
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Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Definition
Internet Service Provider (ISP) Definition
interrogatory Definition
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