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A lawyer surely wouldn’t hurt, but it’s not all together necessary if you don’t have a lot of property and assets and if you don’t want a lot of complications in your will. Though, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to consult an attorney, because there are several legal requirements for making a will (discussed in another section). But, if you are wondering if it is necessary to have an attorney in order to have a valid will, the answer is no.

Nevertheless, you should consult a lawyer if you leave a large amount of assets, simply to work around certain tax issues, or if you want to set up a trust for the care of someone else, or if you have business interests that must be settled. Also, if you are looking to avoid leaving much to your spouse, you’ll need to consult an attorney, simply because this is difficult to maneuver, because in many states, your spouse already owns half of what you own anyway.

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