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Category: Wills

Executor for Will

Home » Estate Planning » Wills » Executor for Will

Because an executor has a very important task – carrying out your wishes after you have passed – it is

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What are Holographic Wills?

Home » Estate Planning » Wills » Holographic Wills

A holographic will is a will that you handwrite and do not have signed in front of a witness. While this

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Lawyers and Wills

Home » Estate Planning » Wills » Lawyers and Wills

A lawyer surely wouldn’t hurt, but it’s not all together necessary if you don’t have a lot of property and

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What are the Legal Requirements for a Will?

Home » Estate Planning » Wills » Legal Requirements of a Will

A will doesn’t do you much good in the grand scheme of things if it is not a

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What is a Power of Attorney?

Home » Estate Planning » Wills » Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney is a simple and reliable way to arrange for someone to take care of your

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Wills and Children

Home » Estate Planning » Wills » Wills and Children

There are several issues that your child might be confronted with if you pass suddenly and without a will, especially

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Wills Overview

Home » Estate Planning » Wills » Wills Overview

Writing a will is much less complicated and less expensive than you might think, which is good since 70 percent of

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How to Challenge a Will

Home » Estate Planning » Wills » Challenging a Will

This doesn’t happen very often, to be honest. When it does, it’s usually by someone who feels cheated out of

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Home » Estate Planning » Wills » Disinheritances

So, you want to disinherit someone, do you? Well, that may or may not be easy to do, depending on who you

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