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What is Public Charge?

Home » Immigration Law » Visas » Public Charge

You can also be denied a visa if there is a likelihood you will be a public charge; in other words,

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What is Unlawful Presence?

Home » Immigration Law » Visas » Unlawful Presence

If you are unlawfully in the United States for 180 continuous days, INS can bar you from becoming a permanent resident

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What is a Visa Waiver Program?

Home » Immigration Law » Visas » Visa Waiver Program

Citizens of certain countries need neither a B-1 or B-2 visa to come into the United States for business or

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What is Labor Certification?

Home » Immigration Law » Visas » Labor Certification

Again, someone applying for an employment-based visa as either a professional with an advanced degree or bachelors degree must generally get

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What are Nonimmigrant Visas?

Home » Immigration Law » Visas » Nonimmigrant Visas

A nonimmigrant visa is a stamp put on your passport that allows you to come into the United States for a

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What are Post 9-11 Inadmissibility Grounds?

Home » Immigration Law » Visas » Post 9-11 Inadmissibility Grounds

The enactment of the U.S.A. Patriot Act, following the September 11, 2001 attacks, provides several new grounds for inadmissibility.

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What are Immigrant Visas – Green Cards?

Home » Immigration Law » Visas » Immigrant Visas – Green Cards

Most people who get immigrant visas, or green cards, do so because they are related to either a

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What are K Visas – For Fiancé or Spouse?

Home » Immigration Law » Visas » K Visas – For Fiancé or Spouse

U.S. Citizens can also bring their fiancés or spouses to the United States under a K

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What is Green Card Marriage Fraud?

Home » Immigration Law » Visas » Green Card Marriage Fraud

If you try to get a green card through a phony marriage – or a green card marriage –

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What are Green Cards and Marriages?

Home » Immigration Law » Visas » Green Cards and Marriages

Green cards are automatically given to immediate family members, including spouses. There are no limits or quotas on these

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