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What is Product Liability? An Overview

Home » Personal Injury Law » Product Liability » Product Liability Overview

Product liability is the body of law that provides for compensation for physical injuries and property damage resulting

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What are Strict Liability and Negligence Theories?

Home » Personal Injury Law » Product Liability » Strict Liability and Negligence Theories

Strict liability is the legal principle that a person or company which sells a product in

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What is a Slip and Fall Law?

Home » Personal Injury Law » Slip and Fall

Any good slip and fall summary would begin by stating what might not be so obvious to many, which is that:

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What are SUV Rollover Lawsuits?

Home » Personal Injury Law » SUV Rollover Lawsuits

Sport utility vehicles have the highest rate of fatalities occurring in rollovers. SUV rollovers are almost three times more likely to

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What are Traffic Accident Laws?

Home » Personal Injury Law » Traffic Accidents

If you have been in a traffic accident, the law holds the responsible party liable and compensates the injured party. Recovery or

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