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What is Law School?

What is the Bar Exam?

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The Bar Exam is given to law school graduates. The bar exam is an examination administered by State Bar organizations. The State Bar

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How Do I attend Law School?

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Law school is a post-graduate program to train lawyers. The instruction is generally rigorous, and often Socratic. In general, basic courses such

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Law School Rankings

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Top Law Schools Ranked – Best Law Schools: Law School Rankings Links

ILRG – Brennan’s Law School Rankings

US News and World

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What is the LSAT?

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The LSAT, or Law School Admissions Test, is a comprehensive test given to law school applicants. The Law School Admission Test is a 101-question,

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The GRE versus LSAT Exams

It started with one trend-setting school, the University of Arizona. Now, over 30 law schools accept the GRE for their law school’s entrance exam, including top ranking schools Harvard, Columbia, … Read More

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