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Life Insurance

Home » Estate Planning » Trusts and Avoiding Probate » Life Insurance

Like a pay on death designation, you can designate specific persons on your life insurance policies to be

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Estate Planning

Living Trusts

Home » Estate Planning » Trusts and Avoiding Probate » Living Trusts

A trust – or a living trust – is a legal means of assuring that a decedent’s property

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Estate Taxes

Pay-on-Death Designations

Home » Estate Planning » Trusts and Avoiding Probate » Pay-on-Death Designations

For bank accounts, bonds, IRS, and other securities, you can simply designate a pay-on death beneficiary. Thus, when

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Probate Law

How to Challenge a Will

Home » Estate Planning » Wills » Challenging a Will

This doesn’t happen very often, to be honest. When it does, it’s usually by someone who feels cheated out of

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Trusts and Avoiding Probate


Home » Estate Planning » Wills » Disinheritances

So, you want to disinherit someone, do you? Well, that may or may not be easy to do, depending on who you

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