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Time Clocks

Home » Employment Law » Time Clocks

According to the Department of Labor, with regard to time clocks: “Time clocks are not required. In those cases where time clocks are

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Sexual Harassment – What Do You Do?

Home » Employment Law» Workplace Discrimination » Sexual Harassment – What Do You Do?

The first thing to do – and the most obvious – is to ask the

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Employee Appraisals

Home » Employment Law » Employee Appraisals

An employee appraisal is an ideal means for employers – especially start up or mid-sized companies – to develop their employees, by reinforcing

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Vacation Pay – Vacation Time

Home » Employment Law » Pay and Time Off » Vacation Pay – Vacation Time

Guess what? Whether you believe it or not, or whether it is ultimately fair, employers

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Affirmative Action

Home » Employment Law » Workplace Discrimination » Affirmative Action

In the realm of public employment, affirmative action is becoming less and less acceptable. Through the 1960s and 1970s, courts

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Sexual Harassment

Home » Employment Law » Workplace Discrimination » Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is one of the most difficult situations for employers to handle, and, unfortunately, one of the most pervasive

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Employee Screening

Home » Employment Law » Employee Screening

As a part of the employee screening process, employers often use different screening tests, including drug tests, personality tests, and background checks, all

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Payroll Taxes

Home » Employment Law » Payroll Taxes

Payroll taxes are taxes an employer is required to withhold from employees’ paychecks to cover an employee’s contributions to federal income tax, Social

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Age Discrimination

Home » Employment Law » Workplace Discrimination » Age Discrimination

Age discrimination is present if an individual covered under this provision is treated unfavorably in the terms and conditions of

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Workplace Dating

Home » Employment Law » Workplace Discrimination » Workplace Dating

From a business standpoint, dating in the workplace can often be disastrous, particularly if it results in loss work hours,

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