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If I get pulled over, does a tip provide probable cause to search my car?

Home » Criminal Law » DUI Law » If I get pulled over, does a tip provide probable cause to search my car?

First, a traffic violation serves as an

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Implied Consent Laws

Home » Criminal Law » DUI Law » Implied Consent Laws

First of all, you should know that all 50 states have enacted implied consent laws. So, despite what you

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Sobriety Checkpoints

Home » Criminal Law » DUI Law » Sobriety Checkpoints

Yes. Police do have the right to set up sobriety checkpoints, so long as the checkpoint is constitutional. What makes

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Traffic Stops

Home » Criminal Law » DUI Law » Traffic Stops

The primary law enforcement purposes for making a traffic stop of a moving vehicle on a public highway are: 1)

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Miranda Rights

Home » Criminal Law » Miranda Rights

The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution states that no person shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness

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Police Citizen Encounters

Home » Criminal Law » Police Citizen Encounters

The Supreme Court has placed police-citizen encounters into three tiers or categories:

First, there are communications between officers and citizens that are

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Pyramid Schemes

Home » Criminal Law » Pyramid Schemes

A pyramid scheme typically involves a few people at the top of the pyramid who get their friends and relatives to give them

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Criminal Law

Search Warrants

Home » Criminal Law » Search Warrants

The major evil against which the Fourth Amendment protects is the physical entry of the home. The Fourth Amendment requires that searches of

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Arrest Warrants

Home » Criminal Law » Arrest Warrants

For Fourth Amendment purposes, an arrest warrant founded on probable cause implicitly carries with it the limited authority to enter a dwelling in

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