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What is a Partnership?

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Partnerships are sort of like sole proprietorships for two or more people. Again, there is no need to register your partnership with the state, and

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What is a Sole Proprietorship?

Home » Incorporation » Sole Proprietorship

If you are starting a company on your own, you are probably best off going with a sole proprietorship. With a sole proprietorship, you

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What is a Subchapter S Corporation?

Home » Incorporation » Subchapter S Corporation

A Subchapter S Corporation is a corporation that has elected a special tax status with the IRS. The main advantage associated with the

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What is Doing Business As (DBA)?

Home » Incorporation » DBA – Doing Business As

Companies must file DBAs (Doing Business As) with their state indicated their doing business under a particular business name. This serves

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What is a General C Corporation?

Home » Incorporation » General C Corporation

Unless you are operating a huge business, C Corporations are probably not for you – and, if you are reading this on our

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What is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

Home » Incorporation » Limited Liability Company

Limited Liability – the way to go. You’ve probably heard a lot about limited liability companies, and probably see that a lot of

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What is a Nonprofit Corporation?

Home » Incorporation » Nonprofit Corporation

More often than not, a nonprofit corporation begins as a nonprofit association – a loosely organized organization ran by mostly volunteers. In a nonprofit

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What are Stock Manipulation & the Federal Securities Laws?

Home » Incorporation » Business Law » Stock Manipulation & the Federal Securities Laws

Congress passed the Securities Act and the Exchange Act largely in response to the manipulative practices

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What is Stock Manipulation?

Home » Incorporation » Business Law » Stock Manipulation

The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 makes unlawful to effect a series of transactions in any security registered on a national

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What are Business Structures?

Home » Incorporation » Business Structures Overview

There are several ways you can structure your business, and no one way is necessarily better than another. What suits you best depends

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