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Category: Contract Law

Contract Law Overview

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Contract law is the law that governs contracts. A contract can take several forms – it can be written on a piece

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Contract Lawyers

Home » Contract Law » Contract Lawyers

Contract lawyers provide legal representation to draft contracts including purchase and sale agreements, business forms, licensing agreements, employment agreements, and other contracts. In

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Legal Elements of a Contract

Home » Contract Law » Legal Elements of a Contract

There are three factors necessary to create a contract: 1) an offer, 2) acceptance, and 3) consideration. One party makes

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Statute of Frauds

Home » Contract Law » Statute of Frauds

To satisfy the Statute of Frauds, a written agreement is required in certain circumstances. A writing is required for any contract that

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What is Securities Fraud?

Home » Incorporation » Business Law » Securities Fraud

Securities law regulates the exchange and issuance of stock shares from publicly held corporations and privately held corporations, and the conduct

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