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Category: Adoption

What is Agency Adoption?

Home » Family Law » Adoption » Agency Adoption

An agency adoption utilizes a licensed agency, which links children in need of adoption to prospective parents. The adoption agency generally

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What is an Equitable Adoption?

Home » Family Law » Adoption » Equitable Adoption

Allowed in some states, equitable adoption is when a close relationship like that of parent and child exists between a child

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What is an Open Adoption?

Home » Family Law » Adoption » Open Adoption

In an open adoption, the adoptive parents let the biological parent(s) have some contact with the child, such as through letters

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What is a Private Adoption?

Home » Family Law » Adoption » Private Adoption

Private adoptions are where the prospective parents actually adopt straight from the mother. Prospective parents actually seek out the mothers though

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Relative Adoptions

Home » Family Law » Adoption » Relative Adoptions

Relative adoptions are most common where a stepparent adopts a child from the spouse’s previous partner. Grandparents can also qualify for

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What is a Second Parent Adoption?

Home » Family Law » Adoption » Second Parent Adoption

A second parent adoption is one where a lesbian or gay man adopts his or her biological child, or where

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What is Guardianship?

Home » Family Law » Adoption » What is Guardianship?

Guardianship is a legally binding, permanent supervisory relationship between an adult (or adults) and a child. A guardian may be

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Adoption Basics – How To Adopt a Child

Home » Family Law » Adoption » Adoption Basics

Adoption is the legal and emotional acceptance into a parent’s family of a child not born to the parent(s). The child

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